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Therapeutic Services

At Mountain House we provide a broad spectrum of basic real life therapy services. On a weekly basis clients will meet with their therapist for individual therapy and participate in a group session to process with their peers. Family therapy will be provided once monthly as well as individualized coaching services.

Individual Therapy

At Mountain house we bond in our shared experiences of addiction and recovery, however we all have unique challenges that need to be addressed before we can make the changes necessary to move forward. Individual therapy gives participants a private setting to work on deeper issues like anxiety, depression and other co-occurring disorders.

Group Therapy


In group therapy we believe in an experiential approach that gets everyone involved and participating in a role play/psychodrama experience. We feel that this method gets clients "doing" the work instead of just talking about it. This process also helps us keep the culture of Mountain House Recovery strong and supportive in nature. Our goal is to facilitate client accountability. 

Family Therapy


Once we begin the process of healing within ourselves we find it’s important to begin mending the relationships with those who we love most. Family therapy invites loved ones back to the discussion to address trauma, practice healthy communication, and provide a place to set boundaries. Just as addiction impacts the entire family, we believe recovery should too. 



After we remove substances from the equation many of us ask “what now?” In Mountain House coaching we meet individuals where they are at to remove the barriers to success and help our clients find their calling. Our coaching includes the perfect blend of accountability, motivation, and goal setting to keep our clients engaged in their new lives.

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