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Frequently Asked Questions

What is required of me while in Mountain House Recovery?

Mountain House Sober Living prides itself on letting residents design their own lives as they see fit. However, in order to cultivate a feeling of comradery and mutual respect for each other we have certain protocols in place that must be followed.

What happens if I relapse in the program?

While we understand that relapse is a part of addiction we take this matter seriously. We deal with relapses on a client to client basis but it should be assumed that a relapse will result in immediate discharge from the program.

What’s there to do for fun?

Flagstaff is a diverse community that offers a variety of activities to fill your leisure time. A mountain town known for its outdoor recreation, Flagstaff has endless hiking trails and many areas devoted to being surrounded in nature. In addition to house activities we offer a membership to one of the three following establishments at no additional cost - 


Flagstaff Athletic Club 


Northern Arizona Yoga Club  


Flagstaff Climbing Gym 

How long is the program?

We require an initial commitment of 30 days to the program, although, we do suggest a lengthier stay to increase your odds of long term sobriety. We recommend three to nine months.

Can I have friends over?

Please have friends over, but be considerate and always check with the house manager and your fellow housemates first. We have a strict no drugs or alcohol policy on the properties and if it is discovered that your guests are under the influence or breaking these rules they will be asked to leave and not be welcomed back. Again, we cannot stress the importance of community in overcoming addiction but we will always prioritize the safety of our residents.

Cleanliness -

It is expected that you take pride in your living space and keep your personal areas clean and tidy. This includes your room, bathroom, and any other additional areas you may store your personal items. In addition to your personal areas you will be expected to contribute to the cleanliness of all common areas. This is done by a rotating chore chart that makes sure the chores are changed weekly and the work is fair.

Drug tests -

Drug tests will be administered multiple times a week. If we have suspicion of residents using drugs that may not show up on our tests, we reserve the right to bring you to a third party for more extensive drug panels. This is not to embarass you and does not come from a place of mistrust. We have found that as many levels of accountability as possible when first pursuing a life in sobriety the better.

Community -

Curfew -

 Sunday through Thursday curfew is 10 PM. Friday and Saturday curfew is Midnight.  We understand that work and life will sometimes keep us later. We are open to curfew extensions and even overnight passes provided there is open conversation and planning involved. Curfew extensions and overnight passes are on a client to client basis and the odds of you being approved will heavily depend on how you show up in the program. 

 Addiction is a disease of isolation. In order to live a happy and sober life we strongly encourage residents to participate in as many house activities as possible. While most activities are optional you will be required to attend five recovery meetings a week within the community, one house meeting a week, and you will be required to sign up for four of the monthly activities that are organized for the house. These activities include outdoor recreation in the greater Flagstaff area, events put on in the recovery community or Flagstaff community, and any other opportunities that allow residents to better integrate themselves into the surrounding area. While it is not required for residents to plan their own activities we encourage you to bring your own ideas and passions to the table. 

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