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We Do Recover

Our mission is to provide a post-treatment launching pad where young men in early recovery can forge lasting friendships and embark on a transformative journey in sobriety. Rooted in adventure and community, our program offers a comprehensive approach to healing, blending evidence-based therapies, holistic practices, and singular outdoor excursions. With activities such as hiking, camping, rafting, fishing,and rock climbing in the stunning wilderness of northern Arizona, we create opportunities for individuals to reconnect to nature, build meaningful relationships, and rediscover the joy of shared experiences. At Mountain House, we believe in the power of community to inspire growth and change. Join us on the path to recovery and discover the camaraderie and support of the Mountain House family as you embark on a journey towards health, happiness, and lasting sobriety.​ You will not simply stay sober in Mountain House, you will create a life that is inspired and makes a difference.



Transitioning back into a productive and healthy life after treatment can be challenging, so having something to look forward to and get excited about is imperative. Our hosted style multi-day trips are hard not to get stoked about! Adventure is a core value of ours, and we've found it to be most effective in bringing fulfillment to the journey of recovery for our clients.

Therapeutic Services

At Mountain House we provide a broad spectrum of basic real life therapy services. On a weekly basis clients will meet with their therapist for individual therapy and participate in a group session to process with their peers. Family therapy will be provided once monthly as well as individualized coaching services.

After we remove substances from the equation many of us ask “what now?” We meet individuals where they are to remove the barriers to success and help our clients find their calling. Our coaching services are tailored to the individuals needs, whether it be executive functioning or identifying their big dream our perfect blend of accountability, motivation, and goal setting to keep our clients engaged in their exciting new lives.

24/7 Support

Our team of passionate technicians, therapists and coaches are all dedicated to supporting our clients through their recovery even in the toughest of situations. If a client is in need of support, support will be provided regardless of time or magnitude. 

Our Programming


Phase 1 - Basecamp

Base Camp is where we establish a strong foundation for sustained sobriety and personal growth. Upon admission, individuals undergo a comprehensive assessment to tailor their treatment plans to their unique needs. During this phase, residents immerse themselves in a supportive community environment, participating in group therapy sessions, individual counseling, and life coaching. Emphasis is placed on developing essential life skills, healthy financial behaviors, coping mechanisms, and relapse prevention strategies. Structured daily routines, including chores and recreational activities, promote accountability and healthy habits. Through a combination of evidence-based practices and holistic approaches, individuals begin their transformation towards a fulfilling life in recovery. Basic outline of Base Camp:


    -Develop an individualized treatment plan

    -Receive weekly individual therapy 

    -Attend weekly group therapy sessions

    -Meet with a life coach one a week 

    -Budgeting and financial goal setting 

    -Resume building and obtain part time work (up to 30 hours/week)

    -Participate with the group in a weekly community service activity

    -Go on a 2-4 day adventure/excursion once a month

    -Gym membership at Flagstaff Athletic Club or local Yoga Studio/Climbing Gym

    -Attend the Tuesday night Mountain House community dinner

    -Regularly attend and participate in a local recovery fellowship: 12 Step, SMART, Refuge,Wellbriety, CODA, etc.  

    -Random drug and alcohol testing


Phase 2 - Ascent

In this phase men are able to work full time and/or enroll in schooling. Building upon the foundation established in Base Camp, residents are able to and encouraged to participate in all therapeutic offerings and trips, but are not required to do so. In this phase men are able to work full time and/or enroll in schooling full time. Through guided reflection and continued community support, participants ascend towards a brighter future, equipped with the tools and resilience to navigate life's challenges with confidence and sobriety. By this part of the continuum residents are on the path to financial self-sufficiency, and consistently meeting benchmarks they’ve set for themselves under the guidance of their life coach and therapist.


Phase 3 - Summit

In the third and final phase of the Mountain House Continuum, known as "The Summit" program, individuals transition into independent living with a solid foundation of recovery. After completing a minimum of six months in our continuum and achieving financial self-sufficiency or demonstrating adherence to a budget, participants are poised for the next phase of their journey. They are given the choice to reside either in our Summit House (on the Mountain House campus) or in their own accommodations. This phase marks a significant milestone as individuals apply the skills and insights gained throughout their time at Mountain House towards sustained sobriety and personal fulfillment. The Summit program offers continued support and guidance as participants navigate the challenges and opportunities of independent living, empowering them to thrive in their recovery and embrace a life of purpose and possibility. The men are still subject to random drug and alcohol screenings and expected to regualary attend the weekly Mountain House community meetings and events. At this phase men are integral parts of our Mountain House and Flagstaff recovery communities and are encouraged to mentor and help newer members to the community.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” - Winston Churchill

Where are we based?

Flagstaff, Arizona

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At Mountain House, we believe in the power of community to inspire growth and change. Join us on the path to recovery and discover the camaraderie and support of the Mountain House family as you embark on a journey towards health, happiness, and lasting sobriety.

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